Year End Giving

The definition of advent is the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event. When we know something exciting is coming there is an anticipation that can rival the actual moment of the coming. As we enter into the liturgical advent season, CCC is also in anticipation of summer 2020. As the calendar year ends our fiscal year begins and we are in great expectation of the Kingdom work that will be done this summer. Your gifts this season lay the groundwork for what is to come. And what is to come? Ramps being built in the name of Jesus so new friends can enter and exit their homes safely. Ice cream being served with the pure intention of relationship and offering preferences. Children in Honduras having the opportunity to have daily meals to give them the strength to excel in school. All of these things usher in the transforming work of Jesus to everyone involved. Jesus becoming human changed everything. Love was shown to us because God became us. We are watching and waiting to see the Lord move on behalf of those loved and created. Will you join us?


Our goal for this year’s Year End Campaign is $40,000. The Giving Tree to the left represents giving levels needed to reach the goal. As gifts come in we will fill it in.


We still need:

0 donors at the $5,000 level

0 at the $2,500 level

0 at the $1,000 level

1 at the $500 level

0 at $250 level

0 at the $100 level

0 at the $50

24 at the $25 level

16 at the $10 level


Any gift you give allows us to build the foundation for the 2020 summer. Thank you for partnering with us this year.