Staff Alumni

For the past 33 years, Carolina Cross Connection has hired college students to serve as our Summer Staff. To date, we have had 553 Staff members each with their unique stories and gifts. The list below represents the Staff Alumni who have continued their legacy. They have invested at least $120 per year so that more college students can have the opportunity to elevate their leadership skills and share their love of Jesus with thousands of students. Their legacy allows CCC to serve 14 counties in North Carolina by providing safe access projects, Asheville by investing in relationships with the marginalized, and Honduras by providing experiences to see God at work in another county. We truly could not do ministry without them.

  • Adam & Traci Cline
  • Alecia Julian
  • Allison Spruill
  • Andrew Burnett
  • Andrew Davis
  • Anita Sain
  • Ashley Ellis
  • Blake Schmidt
  • Brandon & Katie Long
  • Briana McLeod
  • Brittany Ballard
  • Brittany Bethel
  • Cameron Johnson
  • Cara Richardson
  • Chris McAlister
  • Coard & Ashton Miller
  • Corey & Sam Jackson
  • Daniel & Haley Kerr
  • Daniel & Katie Boulware
  • Drew & Angie Neill
  • Drew & Mary Taylor Setliff
  • Emily Foster
  • Emily Ruiz
  • Emma Aldridge
  • Grace London
  • Grace Zelen
  • Hank Rains
  • Ian & Kristi Miller
  • Jack & Mary Ann Bradham
  • Jarrett Morris
  • Jesse & Hunter Arnett
  • Joe & Amanda Pollard
  • Kat Bray
  • Kate Highsmith
  • Kayla Morrison
  • Kevin Eudy
  • Kristen Freeman
  • Laura Ward
  • Laura Brown
  • Laura Glomb
  • Laura Linman
  • Lauren Hughes
  • Luke & Michele Chapman
  • Luke Christy
  • Madeline Comer
  • Matt Ferguson
  • Matt Smith
  • Matt Wyant
  • Melissa Brooks Logan
  • Melissa Price
  • Meredith Haigler
  • Michael Hovis
  • Miranda Bray
  • Molly Hayes
  • Rachel Toscano
  • Reba Lamb
  • Roy Abernathy
  • Salem Hockett Sheridan
  • Sam Denny
  • Sara Baity
  • Taylor Whitley
  • Tierney Edwards


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Morning Watch Submission

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Perks of being a Staff Alumni

We are excited to introduce new perks of being a Staff Alumni.

  1. Receive 5% off of all CCC events (Pig Pickin’, Golf Tournament, Benefit Dinners).
  2. Come to Camp (Home Repair or Urban) FOR FREE. We would love to see you summer 2021.
  3. We are going to hold a Staff Alumni Family Retreat Weekend April 2021. More info below.


Alumni Family Retreat Weekend

April 2021 we are hosting a Family Retreat Weekend at South Mountain Family Camp in Casar. There will be more info in the coming months. Stay tuned.


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