Overseas J Staff

Thank you for your interest in serving on Carolina Cross Connection Overseas J Staff!

Applications for Summer 2020 are closed. We would love for you to apply again next year!

Before you begin your application…

Pray. Seek God’s guidance in your decision to apply. Then, read ALL of the following.


In order to be considered for employment, you must…

  • Be currently active in the Christian faith through participation in a church congregation.
  • Must be a Honduran citizen.
  • Must be bilingual.
  • Be at least 16 years of age by the start of your first week serving on J Staff.
  • Be available for available for employment during multiple CCC weeks.
  • Agree to schedules, work duties, and conduct expectations as outlined in the application.


Camp Weeks and Locations


Carolina Cross Connection will operate five camp weeks in 2018 and one week of exploring new partnerships:

  • Week 1: June 18-25* No campers, new partnership development.
  • Week 2:  June 25 – July 2
  • Week 3:  July 2 – 9
  • Week 4:  July 9 – 16
  • Week 5:  July 16 – 23
  • Week 6:  July 23 – 30

Carolina Cross Connection will operate from the following locations. The schedule of camp weeks varies by location.

  • Camp Jerusalem in Peña Blanca, travelling to San Pedro Sula




The position of Junior Staff carries a total salary of $100 per week.


J Staff Rules and Guidelines


  • J Staff are not a part of the Summer Staff, will not live in staff quarters, nor will be a part of Staff meetings and Staff responsibilities.
  • J Staff will abide by CCC’s employee personnel policy and general camp rules.
  • J Staff are under the direct supervision of the Camp Director and other staff members.
  • The week before you serve you will have a meeting with the staff. This will be your opportunity to ask questions and set up a time for them to pick you up the Monday you begin working and drop you off the next Monday when you finish.
  • J Staff are expected to maintain a positive, uplifting, good-spirited attitude while representing Carolina Cross Connection.
  • J Staff may have opportunities to participate in camp activities, however, first priority is the completion of all job duties and responsibilities.


J Staff Typical Daily Schedule


  • 7:00 – 7:30 AM:  Set up the lunch table. Make sure it has everything the campers need for the day. Running lunch preparation then making a lunch grocery list for the Camp Director.
  • Following lunch preparation:  Clean the lunch table. Complete packing lunch coolers. Assist participants in getting lunch coolers on the buses, and insuring that they have all they’ll need (and maybe a little more).
  • Daily tasks: Ride with the Camp Director into the city and help complete any daily tasks, such as grocery shopping, and picking up project materials. Check on groups, making sure they have everything they need.
  • 6:00 pm: Put away groceries, make sure coolers are cleaned out and ready for the next day. Have a translator meeting to make sure their day went well.
  • Nightly tasks: Make sure everything is ready for the following day, and participate in small groups and worships.
  • 10:00 pm: Quiet Time and Lights Out


Summary of Position


Carolina Cross Connection is an organization which brings together youth and adults for the purpose of learning how to love our neighbor’s well. Participants spend weeklong summer sessions at a camp location, and speed each day traveling to orphanages and learning about their needs. We also do minor repairs. The mornings and evenings are spent in camp, engaging in actives and worship services led by our college-aged summer staff.


The J Staff members of CCC are tasked with supporting the Camp Director by helping secure translators for the week, setting up lunches, ensuring everything is packed on the buses, and assisting with daily tasks.Compensation

The position of Junior Staff carries a total salary of $100 per week.


Duties & Responsibilities


  • Works under the supervision of CCC Camp Director.
  • Set up lunch table for participants to pack lunches for the groups to take out during the day.
  • Make sure coolers are on the buses.
  • Make sure coolers are cleaned out as they come in at the end of the day.
  • Rides with Camp Director in the morning to complete tasks necessary for the day (such as picking up project supples, groceries, etc.).
  • Rides with the Camp Director in the afternoon and puts away groceries, as well as make sure that staff quarters is organized properly.
  • Before the camp week: helps find 6 translators for the week.
  • Holds meeting with translators at Power Chicken before campers arrive, answer any questions from the translators or the translators’ parents.
  • Holds daily meetings with the translators to make sure everyone is healthy and equipped for the week. All reports will be made to the Camp Director.
  • Assists Camp Director with other tasks as deemed necessary.


Preferred Skills & Qualities


  • Able to work independently and with a team.
  • Displays maturity and emotional stability in one’s personality, decision-making, relationships, and Christian faith.
  • Humbly open to giving and receiving frequent feedback, constructive criticism, and redirection from Camp Director.
  • Must have a strong work ethic, flexibility, and endurance through long hours and days.
  • Must have a positive attitude.
  • Must agree to schedules, work duties, and conduct expectations as outlined above.

I confirm that I have prayed over, read, and done all that is required above. I am ready to start my Carolina Cross Connection Overseas J Staff application!