‘Go quickly to the city’s streets, the busy ones and the side streets, and bring the poor, crippled, blind, and lame.’ the servant said, ‘Master, your instructions have been followed and there is still room.’ The master said to the servant, ‘Go to the highways and back alleys and urge people to come in so that my house will be filled.’
Luke 14: 21-23

This Luke 14 passage is what we want to be about at Carolina Cross Connection. We know that our Savior is commanded us to go to all people and urge them to come in to an open and welcoming table. This holiday season, as we long for full tables of our own, we long to be reminded that His table still has room for more. And He has called us to go out and welcome them in.


Our summer theme will be A Seat at the Table, looking specifically at the Beatitudes. We want every person we come in contact with during the year and especially this summer to know that they are welcome at Christ’s table. From campers, to home owners, to immigrants and migrants, to orphans; Christ’s table is open and we are all invited!


This season, we are inviting you to invest in the programs at CCC in order for us to share this invitation with as many people as possible. We are joyfully celebrating our 32nd year of ministry and humbly invite you into this story. It’s a story that reaches out to the widowed in 13 counties of Western North Carolina and this year 3 counties on the NC coast through Home Repair. It reaches to the unseen populations of Charlotte and Asheville through Urban, and into children’s homes in Honduras. It is good news for all people and we want you to prayerfully consider giving this year to the Matching Gift Campaign in order make these ministry efforts possible.


Our goal is $30,000 by the end of 2018 and every dollar you gift will be matched. We have generous donors who have agreed to match dollar for dollar up to $15,000. That means your $10 becomes $20 or your $200 becomes $400!


We would also invite you to come and see. Our office is always open to you and of course we would love to see you in camp! Thank you for your gift. It is an honor for us to be in ministry with you.

Give today, and help us reach our goal!


Or call us 704-721-0033 to process credit card over the phone. Or you can mail a check to PO Box 731 Gastonia, NC 28053.