Executive Director News

Executive Director News

Dear CCC friends,

Carolina Cross Connection is gearing up for our 30th summer of ministry! What an amazing journey these past three decades have been, and what an honor we have to see God continue to lead! The board, administration, and I are coming off of a recent planning retreat with some great vision and ideas for what’s ahead.

I am personally very excited for where CCC is heading, but my excitement is mingled with some sadness as I share that I am resigning as Executive Director of Carolina Cross Connection. I will begin working next month as the Director of Development for Crisis Assistance Ministry in Charlotte.

Though I am very excited for this opportunity and new chapter in life, it has certainly not been a quick or easy decision. I still have as much love for CCC as I did my first year as a camper in 1992, if not more. It’s like leaving one long, really awesome camp week:  feeling some sadness and loss, but also deeply grateful for everything that just transpired. Though I feel many emotions, I am most of all very proud of CCC and how God has led us over these past 29 years. I am especially honored to have been a part of it these last 14 as Administrator and then Executive Director.

We have seen some incredible growth over three decades! We have expanded into new areas and new forms of ministry. We have deepened our program and sought ways to create lasting change in our campers, staff, and the folks they serve. We have seen all levels of our leadership developing the organization itself.  We have seen countless lives changed for the sake of the Kingdom. All has been done in the name of Jesus and sustained by His presence, strength, and wisdom. I have been reflecting with much joy for what He does through and around us, for how He exceeds expectations to radically transform lives every year. He has certainly changed my life through CCC, and I am endlessly grateful for that.

Though I am stepping away from its leadership, my personal support for CCC will remain. My family intends to continue supporting the ministry in other capacities as we’re able. I hope to return as a camper in the foreseeable future as well.

I am exceedingly confident that CCC remains in the very skilled, capable hands of its Administration and Board of Directors. Both have been very supportive of me personally and are working diligently to ensure the success of our summer 2017 programs and beyond. I am so proud of these folks and consider it an honor to serve with them! The Executive Committee has also been working on the plan for selecting a new Executive Director, with the goal of filling the position relatively close to my departure. More information will be shared soon.

I am thankful for every person I’ve had the gift of knowing through CCC, especially our campers, group leaders, summer staff, donors, ministry partners, board members, administration, and the beautiful individuals and families we’ve met throughout North Carolina, Honduras, and beyond. Thank you all for sharing in this adventure of serving one another, of following Jesus as closely as we can, and of tirelessly, lovingly fishing for people.

In Him,

Adam Cline


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